How the Cam & Groove Coupling Work?

Camlock adapter and coupler installation

A complete camlock coupling

Cam and groove fittings are frequently used as end connections of suction hoses, discharge hoses and other low pressure flexible hoses delivering water, petroleum and chemicals. One of the popular reasons why camlock couplings are so workable is easy installation.

How to install camlock fittings?

Camlock coupling consists of adapter, coupler and assembly like handle, finger rings, pins and safe clips. First, extend the cam arms and slip the adapter smoothly into the coupler until contact is made with the gasket. Then, press the handle down simultaneously with normal hand pressure.

Standard gaskets for both metal & non-metal are Buna, and PTFE, EPDM, Nitrile & silicone are also provided. Gasket deterioration and excessive wear on cam and groove can reduce the performance of the coupler. Periodic inspection and servicing will ensure an efficient and safe performance.

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