Nylon Camlock Coupling

Glass-fiber reinforced nylon camlock couplings are available for water, varnish, gasoline, coolants. Stainless steel cam arms and pins; and Buna-N gaskets are supplied. Learn More
Fiber reinforced nylon camlock adapter type A is normally used with Type D coupler, and sometimes with Type B, C, & DC couplers as quick hose couplings. Learn More
Nylon camlock couplers Type B are used with Type F, A, E & DP adapters to form a quick hose coupling. Unique resistance to cross threading and crushing.Learn More
Nylon camlock coupler Type C is often used with Type A, F & DP adapters. Nylon camlock coupling has unique characters compared with metal couplings.Learn More
Nylon camlock coupler Type D is accompanied by Type A, E, F & DP adapters to make a safe sealing connection for suction hoses. Highly cross threading resistance. Learn More
Nylon camlock male adapter type e is often cooperated with type C, B, D & DC (Dust Cap) couplers. Excellent cross threading, impact and electrically inert. Learn More
Camlock adapter type F - male adapter by male NPT, is a kind of quick hose coupling used for coolants, petroleum products, treated water, slurries and powders. Learn More
Nylon camlock female end coupler Type DC often works with Type A, E and F adapters for the application of suction/discharge hoses, low pressure hoses.Learn More
Nylon camlock coupling adapter type DP is cooperated with Type B, C & D couplers under low working pressures. Available for suction/delivery of water, chemicals and slurries.Learn More
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