Aluminum Camlock Coupling

Aluminum Cam & Groove Couplings are versatile and durable quick connect/disconnect couplings for applications where need rapid changing of lines. Learn More
Aluminum camlock adapter type A usually cooperates with Type B & C couplers for the delivery of water, slurry, petroleum and fuels in an economical way. Learn More
Aluminum camlock couplers are used with Type F, A & E adapters for carrying water, coolants, gasoline, petroleum and hydraulic fluids of agriculture, construction and industries.Learn More
Aluminum camlock fittings Type C coupler is equipped with stainless steel handles and rings for long service life. Used to carry water & petroleum products.Learn More
Type D aluminum camlock couplers are often equipped with Type A, E, F & DP adapters of the same size. Available for usage with suction hoses, low pressure rubber hoses. Learn More
Type E Aluminum Camlock Adapters are often used with Type C, B, D & DC (Dust Cap) couplers for the applications of suction/delivery of water, fuels & chemicals. Learn More
Aluminum Camlock Adapters Type F are used with Type B, C, D or DC couplers with the same size. Aluminum camlock fittings can hold water, petroleum & oils. Learn More
Aluminum female camlock end coupler Type DC often works with Type A, E and F adapters to do sealing application of water, coolants, petroleum & fuels.Learn More
Aluminum camlock fitting Type DP is often plugged into coupler such as Type B, C and D couplers to complete sealing application. Available for water, coolant and fuels. Learn More
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