Polypropylene Camlock Male End Adapter Part DP

Polypropylene camlock Male End Adapter Part DP is normally inserted into Type B, C & D adapters of the identical size. Black polypropylene is extensively used in chemical industry, agriculture and paints & inks factory. It is not only because of its good performance in resisting chemicals, coolants and treated waters, but also cheap price and simple operation.

Black polypropylene camlock adapter part DP is placed on the desk.

Polypropylene camlock adapter part DP

As to chemical resistance, polypropylene cam & groove couplings do well as stainless steel coupling. However, it is not so strong and durable. So, it should be taken carefully when you install or release the coupling. DP adapter should not be worked under pressure.


  • Extra tools are not needed;
  • Superior resistance to chemicals & solvents;
  • Cheap price;
  • Save time significantly.

Product description:

  • Item: Type DP adapter – Male End Adapter;
  • Body material: polypropylene;
  • Handles & pins: stainless steel;
  • Thread: Standard NPT & BSP;
  • Working pressure: depends on size and temperature;
  • Temperature range: - 15°F to +200°F (Water);
  • Size: 1/2" to 4";
  • MOQ: 500 pcs.

Remark: Any camlock coupling is NOT allowed for compressed air or steam applications.

Polypropylene cam locks should work under low pressure and its working pressure mainly depends on the size and temperature. The pressure below is measured at ambient temperature.

Table 1: Specification of Polypropylene Camlock Adapter Type DP
Picture Size
Polypropylene Camlock Part DP 1/2 14 28 39
3/4 21 30 41
1 23 34 49
1-1/4 29 43 58
1-1/2 35 46 60
2 44 49 65
2-1/2 59 51 67
3 73 52 69
4 93 57 73

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