Some Precautions We Need to Learn About When We Use Camlock Coupling

  1. Except for applicable fluid, please do not use other fluids.
  2. Please do not exceed the maximum pressure limit when you use it.
  3. When you use it, do not exceed the temperature range to prevent sealing material from wearing or leaking.
  4. Please do not artificially beat, bend or stretch the camlock coupling to prevent it from damaging.
  5. Do not mix with metal powder, sand or other things to prevent blockage or leakage.
  6. When you install the thread type camlock coupling, please do not exceed the maximum tightening torque to prevent damage.
  7. Please do not use the hose with cracks to prevent it from leaking or dropping.
  8. Avoid Continuous vibration and machine impact to extend lifespan.
  9. Please use clean fluid filtered by filters.
  10. Do not remove the camlock coupling.
Four different materials of type C camlock coupling are in the picture.

Type C camlock coupling with different materials Different materials of type C camlock coupling.

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