Camlock Coupling periodic maintenance

Female type B, C, D, DC can be assembled into camlock coupling products with any of the male type A, E, F, DP. When camlock is connected with the thread, the thread should be added to gasket (seals part). When the camlock coupling connects with hose, hose clamps should be used to prevent leaking.

A gasket is between the camlock coupling and the thread.

Gasket should be used when camlock coupling connects with the thread

Camlock coupling are connecting with green hose, and hose clamps are used to prevent leaking.

Hose clamps are used to prevent leaking

Camlock coupling is an important connecting part, it can avoid damages caused by hazardous substances carried by the hose or high pressure. In addition, you should check and test regularly to avoid deterioration, damage or loss.

Complete camlock accessories include coupler, adapter, gasket, cam arm and pin. If any component is problematic, the whole performance of camlock coupling will be affected.

The material of gasket can be Viton, Buna, PTFE, silicone and EPDM, you can choose the suitable material for gasket according to your application. If you are not sure, please contact us for suggestions. In addition, gasket should be replaced when it becomes hard and brittle.

You should check frequently whether the signs of wear and corrosion exist on the sealing surfaces of coupler and adaptor.

Cam arm and pin
Cam arm and pin should also be checked periodically, because cam arm and pin may interfere with the intended operation.

Eight stainless steel camlock couplings are placed on the desk, and their types are A, B, C, D, E, F, DC and DP.

Stainless steel camlock coupling with different types

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